Kogel – Workholding for Pero cleaners

The Koegel GmbH presents itself today, in the age of globalization, as a successful, privately owned company with a tradition and modern know-how.

kogel_basket for pero cleanersThe company’s core competence lies in the development and production of metal parts of any kind in more than 10,000 square meters of high-tech production facilities. We produce innovative products for various industries and applications including the parts cleaning industries.

We employ around 100 staff who are qualified in many disciplined areas. They are motivated to contribute to the company’s success. Besides their own successful product ranges Koegel is an experienced and competent partner when it comes to the development and production of individual customer solutions. From single solution to mass production, from development to service, we are a reliable company with all of our resources on your side.

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Metallform – Workholding for Pero Cleaners

Your specialist in sheet metal forming and high grade cleaning and transport baskets, as well as supplier and system partner for complex applications. Giving you the best possible technical solutions.

Pero cleanerMETALLFORM Wächter GmbH is a dynamic, owner-run company in the wire and sheet metal forming sector. Our core skills lie in developing and manufacturing cleaning baskets from stainless steel wire. We offer our customers expert advice, a large standard product range in popular sizes ex stock as well as custom-made solutions for cleaning baskets and trays, together with workpiece holders and product conveyor systems. In the field of sheet metal forming we produce components and assemblies such as laser-cut parts, bended parts and weldments from stainless steel sheet metal. Our customers are specialists in plant engineering and electronics, air conditioning technology, the food and drinks industry, the pharmaceutical sector, clean-room technology, cleaning and packaging technology as well as many other sectors.

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Custom Pero Designs

Pero’s expertise in industrial parts cleaning and their technical departments knowledge combined with 3D CAD systems allows them to design and produce custom solutions to meet the exacting needs of our clients.

Custom solutions include palletization of unusual size or shaped baskets.  The design and fabrication of special sized baskets or baskets with a specific design criteria.

Kumi Solutions Custom Designs

Working with UK fabricators Kumi Solutions design and have fabricated baskets or specialised work holding devices to meet our customers needs.

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