Kumi Solutions Training Video

Aid memoirs for day-to-day to tasks around the Pero

Kumi Solutions training videos

Yet another great solution from Kumi Solutions! Here at Kumi Solutions we recognised that because Pero machines are so reliable service and maintenance personnel may not visit the machine all that often. So to save time and head scratching we have started producing a series of short Kumi Solutions Training Videos to act as aid memoirs which can be found to the left.  Simply click on a tab that suits you needs and the video will appear along with supporting notes.

Real User Benefits

  • Safety first! Know that the task is being done correctly and safely
  • Productivity! Knowing how the task should be carried out means that you can do and move on to the next job smoothly
  • Knowledge! It always feels good to carry out tasks with apparent ease


Kumi Solutions Training videos – Another Great Solution From Kumi