Solvent Recovery | Solvent distillation Systems

Pero solvent recovery systemWith any solvent degreasing process oils, greases and waxes etc are taken up by the solvents.  In order to maintain the solvent rather than exchange it a solvent recovery unit from Pero will recover the solvent without degrading the solvent.

Pero distill solvents under vacuum, lowering the boiling point and reducing the thermal decomposition of the solvent significantly.  Solvents last longe allowing the user to recover the costs of the ( solvent recovery ) distillation unit very quickly.

There are two stand alone models, the DB300 and the DB600.  Optional equipment include fast cooling systems, holding tanks, transfer systems and automatic discharging into the waste.  Distillation rates of range from 4 to 8 litres of oil removed from the solvent per hour.  Suitable for chlorinated, hydrocarbon and modified alcohol solvents.

When specifying a new machine its worth considering the CompactD and Compact20 integral solvent recovery system.  These systems come into their own if you are removing 2litres or more of oil from components per hour. Or your are running a 24/7 shift system and want to avoid breaks in product flow to perform a rest distillation.

The stand alone DB units can be added to older equipment, equipment without distillation or machine with atmospheric distillation.  This addition results in a significant reduction in solvent usage and operating costs. So much so that some users recover the DB investment cost in less than 12 months.

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