Kumi Solutions place a high value on Pero UK spares and service support.

Many companies, for example, only have one cleaning machine to support their entire production needs.  It is, therefore, imperative that support is of a high quality and delivered in a timely fashion.

Pero UK Spares SupportAt Kumi Solutions we carry consumable materials and spares for all of our Pero degreasing customers on stock.  Our current Pero UK spares stock levels are around £35,000.00.

As part of our Pero UK spares support we also carry two very large tool chests.  One contains all the spares required for servicing Pero machines, and the other has all the tools and equipment required to carry out the work.

We offer: –

  1. Stock and delivery packages for clients requiring regular shipments of consumables such as filters, oil and greases.
  2. Order before 14:00 and the goods will be with the next day before 12:00 (subject to availability)
  3. We also offer before 10:00 and before 09:00 delivery services.
  4. JIT consumables supply to your service depart.  Giving you a reduced stocking cost – We stock you use.