The Pero TWT  Precision Parts Cleaner

Available in Mono and Duo – A master class in high end aqueous cleaning with vacuum drying

There are occasions when an aqueous cleaning system is required either because of corporate policy or end user cleaning specifications.  However when the standards require complex components to be thoroughly cleaned and dried as part of the process the choice of equipment becomes very limited.

For more than 60 years Pero have been producing aqueous cleaning systems.  The top end machine from Pero is the Pero TWT  vacuum.  This is a highly configurable machine allowing the user to specify a machine to meet the cleaning, drying and throughput needs of the application.

Pero TWT – the highly flexible design

  • the unique option of one or two work chambers offering the opportunity to halve the overall cycle time.
  • 1, 2,3 or even 4 wash tanks enabling slightly acidic oe very alkaline media to be used and neutralized by the following bath before additional cleaning operations
  • Vacuum drying is standard but when complex high surface area parts are cleaned additional vacuum drying can be specified.
  • Auto dosing systems can be specified for maintaining water and detergent levels in the machine
  • Automatic loading comes as standard however extensions to the conveyor system can be specified enabling the system to be loaded up and left running unmanned for up to two hours.  Reducing you manual labour / operator attendance time and increasing machine efficencies

The Pero TWT s contructed from heavy gauge stainless steel with all components being sourced from Europe.  The system includes Siemens control gear and high efficiency pumps.