Bottom Line? Surely value added is more important?

Precision turned parts cleaning in a Pero solvent degreaser supplied by Kumi SolutionsFor many companies cleaning is a necessary and critical process.  However many don’t give their parts cleaning the level of priority it truly deserves and perhaps this is due in part to the perception that cleaning does not add value to the product?  In our experience most companies: –

  • Only have one cleaning system which lead to the perception of a low key service.
  • View the cleaning as a very low priority system right up until it fails.  There’s only one and now production has stopped!
  • Don’t want to spend money on a new piece of equipment because it doesn’t “add value”
  • Trying to Establish a CAPEX is not always easy as the apparent “Value Added” is quite often zero!

Here at Kumi Solutions we work on a different principle,  although not as tangible, the true value added with an advanced parts cleaning system is its ability to “maintain your bottom line”.

  • Processes that fail due to cleanliness issues require product to be re-worked or even scrapped which is expensive.
  • Products returned by the customer due to non-compliance is really expensive and damages your reputation.

When this happens late on in the production process a great deal of value added may have been applied to the product at the point of None Compliance, both are expensive and both destroy your bottom line.

A high quality Advanced Parts Cleaning System from Pero ensures that your bottom line is maintained by delivering product that is always clean and doesn’t contaminate down stream production processes, require re-work or get sent back by your customer.  Combined with German build quality and reliability backed by UK service support and spares and you have Process Security at a level not experienced before.

Process Security = Maintaining Your Bottom Line

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