Quality Parts Cleaning Trials

What’s the key to a secure cleaning process?

Trials provide essential data ensuring you feel confidence in making the right decision as to the type and style of the parts cleaning equipment selected.  If you can achieve this with your first set of parts cleaning trials, great!  If not, you need a partner who is capable of providing multiple tests to answer your questions and demonstrate the technology to other team members with their different levels of responsibilities and accountabilities.  With a 65% repeat business track record we are getting it right at Kumi Solutions!

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What’s the key to achieving successful parts cleaning trials at Kumi Solutions?

To make the most of your parts cleaning trials you need to prepare a number of important things.  Follow these points and you are sure to get the most from your visit.

  • Bring or ship in advance enough product to allow for sufficient testing and experimentation.  Results don’t come out perfect first time every time.  A hand full of parts gives you a one shot chance of success.
  • Parts for cleaning trials at Kumi Solutions

  • Bring a range of products.  The more variation the better understanding we have of your business needs.
  • The product used in the parts cleaning trials should be in the normal manufacturing condition.  Scrap parts or parts that have sat on the self for ages will not give you a clear understanding.  Drowning the parts in extra contamination will give you false readings such as, cycle times, the processing type required, the cleanliness result achievable.  When you ask about maintenance it will be higher than you expect.  Bring the real deal.
  • How clean is clean?  Make sure you understand what is required.  The higher the cleaning standard the longer the cycle time and the more complex the machine will need to be.
  • What is the pre cleaning process?  What’s happening to your parts before cleaning?  This is useful information and may influence the process you end up requiring.
  • What happens to the parts post cleaning, again this can impact on the method of cleaning and the style of process used to achieve the required result.

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Why Kumi Solutions are the key to cleaning trial success allowing you to make the best decision for your business

With enough product and product mix Kumi Solutions can deliver the following to you, ensuring you have the sound information required from your parts cleaning trials for the questions you have: –

  • A cycle time for the correct cleaning of your products which help define the machine specification.
  • An clear understanding of the swarf / particulates removed from the batches of work further clarifying the machine specification.
  • A known amount of oil removed per hour of work processed.  Along with your working practices this will add detail to the machine specification.
  • The ideal cleaning media to use to achieve the results you want.
  • The volume of the basket required to process the size and volume of work to be processed each hour.
  • The Pero machine model and specification required to meet your cleaning requirements, material flow and output condition.
  • Following a site visit to fully appreciate your requirements a quotation and machine layout will be supplied
  • Quotations for work holding and ancillaries, unloading, siting and connection will be provided
  • In order to help you understand the long term benefits,  energy, maintenance and cleaning media budgets will be offered.
  • Working with our partners any questions regarding legislation, implementation and long term operation can be covered.

With empirical data and unbiased information you can make a sound decision on behalf of your business. Knowing the equipment selected will do the work in the prescribed manner for the hours specified each week for 15-20 years.   With our UK stock of spares, overnight replenishment from Germany and UK Service Technician Kumi Solutions are in the a position to support you reliably for the life of your machine.  Start your process with an advanced session of parts cleaning trials at our showroom near Coventry.

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