Why parts cleaning trials are essential

Parts cleaning trials are one of the most essential factors when investigating new cleaning and degreasing equipment.  Here at Kumi Solutions we focus on your application needs, wants and desires, matching a product from our vast range of aqueous and solvent degreasing machines to meet your expectations.  With a production engineering and service background we are better equipped to understand your needs and relate to the challenges you face.  Our experience lends its self to not only looking at your cleaning and degreasing needs but work handling, process flow and improved integration.  Our parts cleaning trials are just the first step towards developing a successful solution for your company.


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Kumi Solutions the UK Parts Cleaning Center

Kumi Solutions were the first company in the UK to recognise the need for a professional parts cleaning center where customers could visit, discuss and carry out cleaning trials in a range of different cleaning mediums.  As part of the parts cleaning trials we can accurately assess total oil removal, swarf removal, cycle times and ultimately the specification of the equipment best suited to your companies production needs and operating hours.