[H2]A new age of Particle Analysis using the MicroQuick Scanner from RJL Micro Analytic[/H2]

MicroQuick-ScannerWith recent VDA19 approval the MicroQuick Scanner from RJL Micro Analytic of Germany is now available in the UK from sole Uk agents Kumi Solutions.  The MicroQuick Scanner is the first particle scanning devise of its type. Quickly scanning controlled membranes containing the particulate residues from parts or environmental analysis.

What’s included in the package?

  • Windows®-PC from Dell, Flat panel screen and laser printer,
  • licence for Microsoft Excel®
  • High resolution flatbed scanner modified with membrane holder and an optical NG filter, from Schott to adapt the sensor sensitivity to filter membranes, LED illumination.
  • For scanning membranes and conducting an automated particle analysis a bespoke software package is included.
  • MicroReporter: Reporting tool for component cleanliness in English and German.
  • MicroReporter also includes MicroGallery, MicroAnalysis and MicroTrend.

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