Programs from Kumi Solutions Training

Kumi Solutions Training

Because Kumi Solutions have a unique multiple machine showroom with excellent facilities we are in a position to offer training programs for a wide range of functions.

In Conjunction with our service alliance partner SAFECHEM we also offer presentations and training programs regarding solvents, legislation and the safe use of DOW materials.


Onsite Training Programs

Kumi Solutions Training ProgramsThe advantage of our training programs is that they can be carried out off sight or on sight.  Many customers take advantage of being off sight as this reduces the number of disturbances during the training program.  Our training programs include:-

  • Operator Training
  • Maintenance Programs
  • Chemaware Training




Solvent Chemical Training by SAFECHEM

Chemaware Training Event at Kumi Solutions

With the continuing changes in legislation regarding the use of solvents for the surface cleaning of components Kumi Solutions have the skills available to ensure you are up to date.

In conjunction with UK market leader SAFECHEM we can offer training to cover the safe use of parts cleaning equipment, chlorinated solvents, hydrocarbons and modified alcohols.

So whether delivered by us or SAFECHEM there is a  range of Kumi Solutions training programs to suit all your needs.

Training Videos for Pero Users

It has become apparent over the years that due to the reliability of the Pero advanced parts degreasing machine maintenance engineers may not come into contact with their machine very often.  Therefore some of the knowledge may be forgotten or not known by new engineers.  Our ever expanding range of Kumi Solutions training videos will train or act as an aid memoir for existing users.