Using the automated filter drying process on a Pero

NOTE! If you have an application with a lot of water being washed off, please contact Kumi or Pero Service for additional advice on servicing your water separator.

Things you will need in order to carry out the work: –

Suitable PPE, we recommend safety glasses, heat resistant gloves , Nitrile gloves and carbon filter face mask (Your company will no doubt require other PPE to work in the area by your Pero machine?

Things you will need in order to carry out the work.

If your machine uses 4 swing bolts to clamp the lid you will need a 24mm spanner.

A replacement filter.

A suitable means of disposal of the old filter.

A 30 minute break in washing components to complete the task.

The Pero Filter Drying Process

Controlled directly from the Siemens control panel the operator simply selects which filters to dry and presses start.  The filter drying process then starts automatically heating and then drying the filter bag and swarf.  Once the filter drying process is complete a message is displayed on the screen.  The filters can then be replaced and the procedure confirmed via the screen.  The process