Pero Distillation Process

The Pero distillation process uses vacuum technology to lower the boiling point of the solvent and oil mixture.  With such a low pressure and the indirect heating the solvent is boiled off without reaching a thermal decomposition temperature.  This result in a distillation process which is kind to the solvent and your pocket as there is a minimal demand for solvent stablisers to be added.

For the Pero distillation process you must have Suitable PPE, we recommend safety glasses, heat resistant gloves , Nitrile gloves and carbon filter face mask (Your company will no doubt require other PPE to work in the area by your Pero machine?

A SAFECHEM waste SAFETAINER or 205 litre drum (we recommend the SAFETAINER system).

If using the SAFECHEM waste system you will need the SAFECHEM waste hose set. The Pero set can be used with a regular 205 litre drum.

A 2 -6 hours are required to complete the task depending on the model of machine and solvent being used. NOTE! No cleaning can occur during distillation in order to complete the task.