The indestructible Robomat is a heavy duty parts washer that cleans parts of virtually any geometry.

Thanks to its powerful cleaning performance, it caters for large baskets or heavy parts.

The ROBOMAT heavy duty parts washer series includes models of various sizes designed for a wide range of parts. Operators can thus choose a model with a processing chamber that best suits the size and shape of the components to be cleaned.  There are three cross sectional sizes and many different lengths up to 5000mm in length.

heavy duty parts washerThe system is designed for cleaning with aqueous media in the: –

  • Acidic
  • Neutral or
  • Alkaline Range

Powerful cleaning in a universal working chamber

Perfect treatment for slightly oiled to heavily soiled parts.

The switch-able Robomat U model features two tanks and has been specifically designed for applications with particularly stringent cleaning requirements, such as surface cleaning prior to coating or final assembly. The machine also caters for combined processing with cleaning, phosphating and rinsing.

ROBOMAT has been designed for the heavy duty parts washing of all shapes and sizes including: –

  • Sheet metal parts and assemblies
  • Panelling and housing elements
  • Welded components
  • Car body parts
  • Engine and transmission housings
  • Crank Shafts
  • Fully assembled systems
  • Tools and tooling components
  • Punching and casting tools
  • Machined parts
  • Tubes

Basic Product Range

Robomat size 1 … 6 7 … 11 21 … 48
Effective length in mm 1000-3500 1200-5200 2100-4800
Effective height in mm 700 960 1450
Effective depth in mm 850 1040 1250
Loading weight in kg 700-2000 1000-2000 2000-3500

More sizes are available upon request.  Please contact us for additional information and options available to make this heavy duty cleaner meet your manufacturing requirements.  Demonstrations of the Robomat heavy duty parts washer are available at Pero head quarters near Munich.