Detergent Aqueous Cleaning Systems To Suit Every Parts Cleaning Need

Aqueous Detergent SymbolWhether you are cleaning stampings, pressing, , die castings, pipes or very large engine components Pero has aqueous cleaning systems to suit your application.  Pero machines are extremely robust and do cost more than the average machine.  As such they will out last virtually all other aqueous cleaning systems available today. Aqueous cleaning is a mechanical process which requires water pressure and volume.  That’s why our Pero machines deliver up to 2 tonnes of cleaning solution onto your work every minute!

With Pero’s engineering and design experience their machines have developed over a 60 year history to become one of Europe’s leading producers of advanced aqueous cleaning systems.

aqueous cleaning systemsPero produce a range of aqueous cleaning systems to suit a wide variety of applications.  Within each model range there are a number of options to suit part size, weight and cleaning requirements.  Once the model and size variant have been established there are a range of optional features designed to enhance cleaning and drying performance ease of maintenance and automated systems to ensure water and detergent levels are correct.  Manual and automatic loading options are also available to suit your production environments and workflow.

Pero systems are designed to work with neutral, slightly acidic and alkaline washing solutions. Oil skimming and separation along with automatic water top up and dosing for detergents and surfactants.  For more information about the different aqueous cleaning systems available from Pero select the suitable link to the left.