Why the Pero R1 solvent degreasing machine is truly remarkable!

This is the only sealed, fully compliant machine on the market today.  It is capable of cleaning 20 baskets 530 x 320 x 200mm one at a time per hour.  The only way our competitors can do this is to load 2, 3, 4 even 6 baskets per load taking 30-50 minutes to process each load. This creates a bottleneck in your production.  The Pero R1 maintains a steady flow of cleaned work which you can use straight away.  Advanced technology, clever know-how and a clear understanding of

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your needs are what make the Pero R1 solvent degreasing machine the industry choice.  Used by aerospace, automotive, medical and the turn or pressed parts industries the Pero R1 solvent Degreasing machine makes real economical sense.

So what does buying a Pero R1 can mean for you and your business?

  • The Pero R1 has a small machine foot print = less expense for your business!
  • Less power is required to run the Pero R1 = less expense!
  • Less solvent needed to fill the Pero R1 = less expense!
  • The better design of the Pero R1 means less parts, valves and pipework to service = less expense!
  • Fast means less operating time.  Pero R1 enables you to operate for 1 or 2 shifts instead of 2 or 3? = less expense!
  • Carbon regeneration is NOT required because the Pero R1 has very high solvent efficiency  = Less expense!
  • No carbon regeneration for the Pero R1 means NO lost production = Less expense!

Cleaning trials with Kumi Solutions and Pero R1Why pay more?  With Pero solvent degreasing equipment you can have a  fast, simple, economical and above all a reliable German designed and built cleaning and degreasing system right there in your factory.

Bottom Line? For many companies cleaning is a necessary and critical process.  However establishing a CAPEX is not always easy as the apparent “Value Added” is quite often zero!   Here at Kumi Solutions we work on a different principle,  although not as tangible, the real value added with an advanced parts cleaning system is the cleaning systems ability to “maintain your bottom line”.

  • Processes that fail due to cleanliness issues require re-work or even scrapping are expensive.
  • Products returned by the customer due to non-compliance is real expensive.

When this happens late on in the production process a great deal of value added may have been applied to the product at the point of None Compliance, both are expensive and both destroy your bottom line.

A high quality Advanced Parts Cleaning System from Pero ensures that your bottom line is maintained by delivering product that is always clean and doesn’t contaminate down stream production processes.  Combined with German build quality and reliability back by UK service support and spares and you have Process Security at a level not experienced before.

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