• “Thank you for inviting us to your Open House event yesterday we found in very informative.  We have been round and measured some of our parts today so we would like you to quote for the following Pero degreasing equipment…”–John Lorrison - MD - Pendle Polymer

  • “In total, the Pero degreasing equipment cleans 2.5 tonnes of aluminium a day, which is 25% more than we could do previously,”–David Binks - Cold Formed Products

  • “We've had no complaints from customers, which is crucial because many parts are subject to further processes such as plating, rubber bonding or powder coating, where dirty components cannot be tolerated.”–Phil Sabin - Bodill Parker Group

  • “ World renown producer of the Swiss Army knife has processed 12 tonnes of parts in 100 baskets loaded 2 at a time every day since 1994.”–Victorinox Pero V2 User

  • “We are well aware of the features and benefits of solvent degreasing and so we're not surprised when other processes failed to match its performance”–Paul Edwards - Clamason Industries

  • “From a previous spend on solvents of around £800 per month, we are spending no more than £800 in total over a years operation of the Pero degreasing equipment including safe disposal of used solvent and waste”–Emily Gower - Harwin plc

  • “We were delighted to hear that PERO had acquired the Gotha plant, thus continuing the production of compact tunnel wash units as we were very happy with the performance of these machines”–Jürgen Abendroth - GKN Driveline Mosel

  • “The V1 was the most practical and suitable choice for our parts cleaning application available on the market. Whilst we have bought the machine in order to comply with the SER, ultimately our customers will benefit”–Simon Schlaefli - MD - Tenable Screw

Solvent Degreasing Systems from Pero. Developed, designed and manufactured in Germany and available to you in the UK from Kumi Solutions. Widely regarding as Europes best cleaning systems. Read more about world class Pero degreasing equipment

Solvent Distillation from Pero is designed to significantly reduce solvent consumption of degreasing systems not currently equipped with distillation.  Pero distillation can be fitted to older technology or used to support Pero machines where high levels of oil are expected.  Read More about solvent distillation | solvent recovery systems

Aqueous Cleaning Systems. Solid designs and robust cleaning using water and detergents.  The Pero range includes full immersion systems with vacuum drying, tunnel systems, rotating basket and single chamber systems.  Read more about aqueous cleaning systems

Your journey starts with a great Pero and continues with superior after sales service

Kumi Solutions training

Training Programs

Pre and Post machine installation training available at our showroom in Nuneaton near Coventry.  Training programs can be tailored to meet  your requirements using our showroom machines.  Whether you need operators, maintenance, lab work or multi-skilled staff we can provide a suitable program for you.

after sales support

After Sales Support

Protecting your investment with a large UK stock of spares.  We all know that machines need servicing and occasionally going wrong.  We also know its the response time and having your machine up and running quickly that you remember.  That’s why we have £35,000.00 worth of stock in our UK showroom.  If we know by 14:00 you will have it the next day.

Kumi Solutions customer support

UK Service Support

Complete cover with dedicated UK & German Service Support.  Many of our customers have large service departments, however, there are many who don’t have the in-house skills or knowledge in this specialist area.  With 11 German Technicians plus a  UK service Technician, we are able to support you over the long term.


Question & Answer

Knowledge Centre – We are developing this area an will launch soon.  Answers to the key questions you have and how to videos to support your knowledge.  Whether you’re new to Pero or looking for an aid memoir we have lots of information in our Question & Answer section including videos on carrying out routine service or repairs on your Pero machine.

True Performance in a Dirty Business

By visiting our test facilities in Nuneaton and processing your components in an ultrasonic cleaning machine from Pero you can see the real power of the Pero degreasing systems.

By listening carefully to your needs we tailor equipment from German manufacturer Pero your match your cleaning and degreasing needs exactly. Our showroom is equipped with the state-of-the-art Pero R1 solvent degreasing systems, each equipped with an ultrasonic system for added cleaning power. In addition to this Pero are producers of aqueous washing systems, giving us the advantage of offering unbiased technical information on both primary industry methods of cleaning.

“What a great opportunity! Three machine models, two cleaning mediums, three opportunities to test and evaluate products against a range of programs.  Understanding what works and what doesn’t in a single visit.  Since Pero produce both solvent and aqueous machines we felt the information given was honest and a fair representation of the Pros and Cons of each method.  What seemed a complex problem was simplified and solved in a professional manner”

Taking into account your requirements and expectations, we assess, develop and deliver a reliable process which meets your requirements for today and the future. Whether you need aqueous or solvent degreasing, with or without ultrasonic cleaning, Kumi solutions are equipped to present, demonstrate and prove a process with your products and criteria.

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